What Is Internet Faxing And What Are The Advantages?


One of the newest technology advancement when it comes to communication technology is the fact that it is now possible to send and receive fax from your email! This technology is growing quite fast and has become one of the most preferred modes of sending and receiving fax. This option allows a person to send a fax through the conventional fax machine but received on the other end by the recipient in the form of an email.


This is how the internet faxing technology operates:


A fax is sent out from a normal fax machine as usual. The fax is then routed through fax-to-email servers. It is these servers from http://www.gmailfaxpro.com/ that convert the fax into an email format which contains all the necessary fax details like the date, time and number from which the fax has been sent.


Once the fax document has been converted into an email format, it is the attached in the form of .tiff image or a PDF. In order to retrieve the fax document, your device must support the formats. Similarly, the email to fax servers convert the fax you send from your email into a fax format which is then routed back to the recipient's fax machine. The sender receives a confirmation email in their email inbox to confirm that the fax they sent has been received properly.


One of the benefits of internet faxing is that it is quite convenient. Unlike conventional faxing method where you have to be physically present in the location of your fax machine to send or receive a fax, internet faxing allows you to send or receive your fax from anywhere with internet access. You can now send and receive your fax on your mobile device or laptop from wherever you are.

Additionally, internet faxing utilizes the internet to send and receive your faxes. Therefore, it eliminates the need to install or setup any new hardware.


Environmentally, internet faxing is much more preferable. This is because it eliminates the need to use printing papers, because you do not have to print your fax anymore in order to retrieve it. It also reduces the need for storage because the faxes are sent directly to your mail box and, therefore, no need for print filing.


With internet faxing, you do not need to incur continuous costs of buying supplies such as printing papers and ink as well as the cost of maintaining the fax machine itself. This is makes it a cost-effective tool for transacting business.